Since 1989, Istana Diesel has been a major player in the diesel engine parts industry under the MKK brand. We responded to the growing demand by bringing in the TPR and NPPN brands for high-quality products. Since 2009, we offer a wide range of products such as chainsaws, gasoline-powered engines, lawn mowers, and other agricultural machinery.

With a dealer network throughout Indonesia, we ensure our products are easily accessible to customers. We have made it easier for the public and dealers to get product information online since 2015. We continue to improve our service standards to meet the needs of our customers and dealers with quality products and superior service.

35 Th


Become a one-stop solution for people who need agricultural, plantation and mining machinery with good quality.

  • Providing the best quality machines.
  • Our service to dealers is fast and good.
  • Improve the work quality of farmers to become more efficient.
  • Always be a blessing to others.
  • Innovate in providing quality goods and services.

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